About Bianca




I have a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design & Communication (I do graphic design, web design, design for print, illustration, photography.. you name it). I am a retail manager.


I love music.. it makes my life worth living, honestly, and at this point, that’s all I’ve got. My iTunes library just hit 30,000+, and I’m pretty proud of that. Music saved my life so many times, and it never fails me.. even now, every day is a struggle for me. It’s me against my head, and someday, I’m not going to win.. but as long as I have my music, I can tolerate life just a little bit better.


I aspire to be a writer. Yes, my degree is in something else entirely, but… my life’s dream was to be a writer. At one point, I wanted to be “a singer or an artist.” I was told I had to pick something I was good at, so writing it is. My degree is in art, by some stretch of the imagination, so I guess you could say I did succeed at something.